Harness the vapor!

The Steam Engine is a Placeable that provides power in towns, it is the placeable that supplies the most power in the game so far, creating 50 power per Steam Engine. It is possible to skip the Windmill , the first placeable that generates power, and build the Steam Engine first. The Steam Engine takes less space and produces more power in comparison to the Windmill, however it is much harder to craft. To use this, just place it down like a normal PLACEABLE (The P mark up to left). When it's built and placed, it will automatically start to generate power powering your machines and mines. It's very effecient as one can power up to 5 mines. And it's not very expensive, as it totally needs just 26 copper! (Note that when crafting the copper tubes, you get 3 from each piece of copper so you can save some pieces of copper when you're making many steam engines.)

Crafting RequirementsEdit


Steam Engine ingame