Scraphammer zoom

Inspired by forum member TuPpKaM!

The Scrap Hammer is a end-game weapon, being the best Hammer currently in the game, it deals the most damage per hit, but it is also the slowest weapon in the game. The only weapon who has larger DPS is the Katana.


Damage: 74

DPS: 46.25

Attack Speed: 1.60s

Knockback Ratio: 40.5

Max Targets: 2

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Origin Edit

Weem created a contest in the beginning of August, for the people to give him ideas for a new weapon, after receiving almost 40 entries for the contest, two weapons were chosen: Scrap Hammer by TuPpKaM a member of the Epic Inventor Forums and Eagle Blade by Eskinor, a member of the Terraria Forums.